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think like a consumer


We're all in the business of talking to people. Reaching out. Building relationships that influence behaviors and choices
now and well into the future. UrbanMindShare is a loose group of storytellers, strategy experts, passionate designers and artists.
Our job, build connections. Think like your customer - get inside their minds and hearts -  
and collaborate with you to create the kind of magic that's based in 
truth and successfully leads to loyalty and growth.

people look for something they can connect with

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strategic brand building, design & copy. social. print. identity. collateral.


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MARA 00 101 Banner ads 600 x 600 JV_Page
MARA 00 101 Banner ads 600 x 600 JV_Page
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Current client: Brand, Identity 

Marketing Launch via Social Media Ads

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Current client: Brand, Identity 

Marketing Launch via Social Media Ads


comprehensive brands, strategies, campaigns, marketing for B2B and B2C

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the defining moment

X or Y


If your customer was standing right in front of you, what would you say to her?  How would you say it? What would persuade him to take a closer look? Put aside old reliable and try something new? Try you? This is the opportunity you only get once. The most important point in your relationship. The first step on the path to loyalty. It's what we call "the defining moment." The point where customers decide to welcome you into their homes, into their lives.


Understanding that moment is the difference between success and failure. It's about taking the same journey the consumer takes. And being sensitive to what touches them along the way. Because eventually the journey ends in a decision. A choice. X or Y. You or not you. If you have insight into what affects that choice, you'll own the influence. The defining moment. The decision. The win.

Hi. I'm Judy the owner of UrbanMindShare. I've led multi-award winning creative for agencies in NY, Orlando, Scottsdale and Boston. I've put together a virtual collective of other nimble creatives to give you direct access to short-term and long-term project-based, branded campaigns and marketing strategies.  It's a  keep-it-simple approach built on listening, collaboration and a passion for clean, clear messaging that makes your business a stand out in the hearts of your next customer. 


Judy Hodge, Owner/CD


We've had the pleasure of engaging with many smart, successful businesses to build stand out, long-term brand experiences. To build their defining moment. To stay in contact with existing customers, and have conversations with new customers. We're passionate about design excellence, quality storytelling and the power of targeted messaging. We stay on top of trends, keep plugged into consumer behavior and if you choose to work with us, will value every opportunity to connect your brand spirit to your next generation.



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