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KP0100 Symbiosis Food Advantage Brochure

Challenge: Good For Your Gut

Kefiplant, the inspired master brand of Chantale Houle offers a better way to introduce the healthy benefits of probiotic ingredients into the things we eat and drink every day. The problem - the science is complicated, and the feature selling point, Symbiosis Food is a new concept that has to be marketed to both food manufacturers and consumers..

The timeline included several client presentations. Scope on each piece was concept to execution to final, multi-platform production-ready deliverables.



digital look books • social media campaign • blasts • trade show • way finding • in-room campaigns • grand opening kits • employee branding


KP0100 Symbiosis Food Advantage Brochure
KP0100 Symbiosis Food Advantage Brochure
KP0100 Symbiosis Food Advantage Brochure

Multi page digital brochure that explains health benefits, formulation savings, market reach and potential for improved ROI

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Website dedicated to B2B that also has a unique B2C landing page - Influence the influencer

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Our passion is to create true healing from nature, to build holistic, healthier superfoods, and advance a better global understanding of the value of nutrition as essential to well-being. 


Built on our founding principles of inspiration, innovation and thorough scientific research, we are continually developing breakout symbiotically fermented food and beverage bases that positively impact the nutritional challenges and ever changing lifestyle demands of today’s consumers. Our goal, make “Good for Your Gut” Symbiosis Foods a dedicated manufacturing standard of commitment ­— and give consumers the options, the knowledge and the power to make proactive healthier choices.


Social media campaign that directs consumers to a dedicated and educational landing page

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