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Challenge: Make a there, there. 

Vib - a cool new boutique hotel had to present as a break away, from the "main-street" image of the stalwart image of a Best Western Hotel. 

I worked as a freelance vendor for BWH team and created a brand strategy, vision and both B2B and B2C social campaigns, trade show presentations, ad campaigns, collateral and internal marketing pieces to create a fresh vibe that was city smart and very fresh.

The accelerated timeline included several team check points. Scope on each piece was concept to execution to final, multi-platform production-ready deliverables.


VIB logo c.png

digital look books • social media campaign • blasts • trade show • way finding • in-room campaigns • grand opening kits • employee branding

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Social Media Promotions

2561 Vib Brochure cover.jpg

"The Experience  - Brochures print and online

Promo Property Banners  Trade shows and Conventions


Developer side

eblast campaigns 

design tools

collateral kits


print ads

2379 CC580.2004.14 New Vib Eblast genera
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